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PlumbWise Plumbers understand residential plumbing and can help you figure out any problem in your home. When called to your home not only will we fix the problem you called about, we'll take it one step further and check everything else out to make sure your plumbing is in good working condition. Call today for a free plumbing estimate!

How to turn off the water supply if your faucet breaks

It happens. Faucets break, sometimes violently, and water begins spewing all over the wall and floor. Don’t panic! Look beneath the sink for the water shut-off valves. There is a cold water shut-off valve and a hot water shut-off valve. They’re usually chrome with a small oval valve handle. Turn the handles clockwise until the water stops pouring out of the faucet.

Sometimes water shut-off valves freeze up from lack of use. If it won’t budge, get a pair of pliers and slowly turn the knob back and forth until the rubber seal inside loosens. Don’t force it all at once or it could break and cause bigger plumbing problems.

If the valve spins freely and won’t turn the inner seal, tighten the set screw on the face and try again. Once the valve is moving, turn off the water and call give us a call.

Showers and Bathtubs

PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC understands that today’s bathrooms feature many different shower and tub designs. Some are conventional tub and shower combinations, while others are equipped with variety of water jets, shower heads, and facet features.

PlumbWise plumbers are licensed specialists and masters of all shower and tub repairs. We can help provide service with water pressure issues and even installations/replacements. We can help with all your plumbing needs for any bathroom solution.

Dishwashers and Kitchen Water Lines

Dishwashers: Your dishwasher is connected to your kitchen sink’s water supply line and it depends on the sink’s drainage system to get rid of spent water at the end of a cycle. If the sink plumbing is clogged, water will back up into your dishwasher. PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC installs and replaces all dishwasher brands. We hook up water supply lines and drains to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Refrigerators: PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC's licensed plumbing specialists also install refrigerator water lines to keep ice makers and drinking stations supplied with clean, fresh water. Dishwashers and water lines are some of our most common kitchen plumbing jobs.

Faucets & Sinks: PlumbWise's skilled plumbers can handle any faucet repair or replacement, whether part of a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, wet bar, laundry room, water shut-off valve or even an outdoor hose bib.

Faucets contain moving parts and they break and wear out over time. Let PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC repair or replace your faucets.We can also solve any sink clog, repair or replace an existing sink, or install a new one wherever you need it..


Disposals may be one of the most misused appliances in any home. Few people realize that garbage disposals are only designed to handle light food residue that is rinsed from plates and cooking utensils before they go into the dishwasher. Large quantities of food and debris going into disposals can overwhelm them and clog the kitchen sink drain. Few things are more frustrating than a kitchen sink that won’t drain, but PlumbWise Plumbers will repair or replace broken disposals and get your sink back to normal in no time.

Garbage disposal hums but won’t operate properly.

Press the reset button located on the bottom of the disposal. If this doesn’t work, turn off the power switch and shine a flashlight into the drain. Look for a foreign object such as a coin, plastic bread tie or staple. Remove the item with pliers or a grasping tool. It is dangerous to put your hand inside a disposal. Your disposal may have a hex key jam clearing tool. Look for it under the sink or taped to the disposal. Check for a slot at the bottom of the disposal where the tool can be inserted and turned back and forth to clear the jam. If you still cannot fix this yourself, PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC will be happy to help you out.

Water Heaters

Our plumbers know their job when it comes to conventional gas or electric water heaters as well as tankless water heaters. PlumbWise Plumbers install all brands and types of water heaters so you can pick the one that is best for you. We would also be happy to advise you on what type of hot water system you will need. Call PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC for a free estimate on installing a new energy efficient water heater today.

Tip: Life expectancy of a conventional water heater is typically about 11 years, while tankless heaters have a life expectancy of around 15-20 years. Hard water will shorten the life, while regular maintenance will prolong it.

Tankless Heaters

Tankless heaters are considered more energy efficient than conventional heaters because they don’t have to continually heat a tank of water. Tankless heaters heat water instantly whenever a hot water tap is opened.

Is your water too hot?
To reduce the risk of scalding and to avoid the risk of running out of hot water, most plumbing companies, including PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC, recommend a temperature setting of 120°-125° F. Always keep safety in mind when it comes to water heaters. Never store paints, solvents or combustibles near the unit due to an increased risk of fire.


If you ever have a problem with a toilet that always seems to clog, is leaky, or has a lack of flush power, or if you need some sort of repair or replacement, PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC's licensed plumbing specialists can help.

There are many new environmentally-friendly toilet designs that save water. Some designs have a dual flushing system which uses only 0.9 gallons to flush liquid waste and 1.6 gallons to flush solid waste. Just purchased or are looking to purchase an environmentally-friendly toilet? Call PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC today and let us install it for you.

Running Toilets

If you hear water running in your toilet tank for any period of time it is best to check the flapper and fill valve to ensure it is in good working condition. This could waste up to 200 gallons of water daily. Call PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC to take a look at your running toilet so you can start saving water and money.

How old and inefficient is your toilet?
If your toilet was manufactured before 1994, it is probably costing you a fortune in water. Older toilets use 3.5 gallons per flush (gpf). Newer low-flow toilets use only 1.6 gallons per flush and the newest low-flow designs provide the same amount of flushing power as old 3.5 gallon models with less than half the amount of water used. A PlumbWise plumber can install an efficient new toilet that will conserve water and save you money month after month.

Water Lines and Pipe Work

Sometimes drains clog or supply pipes leak or burst requiring repair or maintenance. Your water supply pipes may have problems that limit the water pressure in your entire house. Inside your walls and beneath your floors there are many pipes, drains, vents and water supply lines that make up your residential plumbing system. A limited water pressure problem can impact everything from the quality of your shower to the reach of your lawn sprinkler.

PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC Plumbers understand residential plumbing and can help you figure out any problem in your home. When called to your home, not only will we fix the problem you called for, but we'll take it one step further and check everything else out to make sure your plumbing is in good working condition. Call today for a free plumbing estimate.

Types of pipes PlumbWise Plumbers install:

Copper pipe is ideal for ½ inch and 1 inch water supply lines leading from the main water supply pipe to household sinks and toilets. Copper is typically a plumber’s favorite type of pipe because it does not rust and is very reliable. It also offers trouble free service for decades. PlumbWise Plumbing & Rooter LLC usually uses copper pipes for re-piping water supply to all of your plumbing fixtures.

PEX tubing looks something like a garden hose but it’s much stronger and more reliable. Its flexibility and strength make it as reliable as copper but easier for plumbers to work with. We suggest PEX tubing as a low cost alternative to copper piping.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe is the most common material used today for household drainpipes and vents. It comes in many different sizes. PlumbWise Plumbers usually install this type of piping for vent, sewer and drainage jobs. It is very reasonable and easy to install and use.

Cast iron pipes are tough and reliable. Today they are more commonly found in commercial and municipal applications than in residential plumbing.

Galvanized steel pipes. After years of use, minerals from water react with the galvanizing material to cause scale build up inside the pipe. This will eventually narrow the diameter of the pipe resulting in lower water pressure and reduced volume.